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About 16 years ago a crazy little man told me that life is an adventure. I have since lived in Norway and Brazil and seen a hell of a lot of other places. I wanna be like Cain, and walk the earth. I also wanna kick some ass and right some wrongs when I can.

I think that life is a lot like lucid dreaming. If you half wake up, you can take control and make shit happen. Thank you kook.

I've done martial arts since the age of twelve and have been privileged to study with many of the masters of the styles I've pursued. I earned my black belt at the age of 18 in Uechi ryu karate. I moved to Brazil to practice capoeira angola. I am currently training seriously in Baguazhang kung fu and Northern Wu Taiji. Im pursuing the teaching certification program through my academy in each art. I also travel to Beijing yearly for intensive training. So, uh, yes, I know how to throw a punch and I talk a lot about kung fu.

Philosophically and politically I don't know anything and don't believe in much, but I do think about things. My views are all over the place and they change. The only thing Im certain of is that we should be learning. Well... that and having a good time.

Everything else aside, I am a big cuddly goofball. I like to have as much fun as possible and want to transcend inhibition and fear. A friend told me recently thats called self confidence. Me, I wanna be like a monkey, or an otter...that dances and sings...and drinks lotsa beer...and also kicks ass...and gets to have sex whenever he wants...with whoever he wants!

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Extroverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving
accelerated learning, acrobatics, adventure, afro-caribbean religions, airships, amazons, ancestral memory, angel, anti-circumcision, anti-heros, babylon 5, baguazhang, bahia, baron samedi, bellies, bi curious, big guys, bisexuality, blimps, boxing, brazil, buffy the vampire slayer, camping, capoeira angola, catamarans, cephalopods, chi gung, comic books, critical thinking, dancing, design, disinformation, dragonflies, drunken monkey kung fu, duncan idaho, dune, endangered languages, erotica, fear of the deep, finland, finn mac cool, flow, gay, gede, gnosticism, gung fu, guys, haida, hellboy, heros, highland games, hiking, hoboing, huginn and muninn, iceland, image streaming, imagination, indigenous art, indigenous cultures, individualism, insubordination, intelligent conversations, introspection, irish mythology, kilts, kung fu, lack of inhibition, languages, linguistics, living off the land, maori, mark hunt, martial arts, meditation, memory, michael manning, mind fucks, mischief, mjolnir, mma, modigliani, moko, mushrooms, nei gung, neuro-linguistic programming, nomadism, nordic design, nordic mythology, norway, odin, open minded, origami, pansexuality, patrick califia, personal developement, pirates, play, pomosexual, queer, ravens, red heads, reverse language shift, riddles, robert davidson, sacred clowns, sami, samoan, scandinavia, sci fi, sculpture, sea otters, self defense, self-knowledge, shamanism, shennanigans, soul-searching, squirrels, subsistance, subversion, survival skills, tai chi, tai ji, taoism, tattoos, terence mckenna, thailand, the invisible college, the invisibles, the mahabharata, the morrigan, the shadow, tolkien, tom robbins, trekking, tricksters, uncut, vipassana, voodoo, wandering, warrior goddesses, warrior women, wikipedia, wilderness survival, wonder woman, wrestling, yudhishthira