cennetig (cennetig) wrote,

The good the bad and the weird

A few things from my last few weeks.

The long time (but possibly recovering?) drunk has been keeping a super low profile and that's for the best.

The last month was stupidly stressful for me. I wanted to pick up a certain amount of overtime at work but the arrangement of my schedule was working against me. Add to that a week with the montezuma's revenge after a weekend in Mexico and later a head cold that went from a 1 to a 8 overnight. In the end I got reasonably close to my target but I also called in sick twice in the same month.

In the midst of all my stress boxing seems to have become the calm in the eye of the storm. After 6 years boxing I am suddenly relaxed, technical and quick. I am moving from an aggressive game to a counter punchers game. I look forward to boxing like it's one of my only joys... Hmmm, that may have been some type of freudian slip.

I hate my job and have been thinking deeply about what the next step should be. I am reading about small online businesses involving information products and considering whether grad school is right for me. Mitch and I have been talking about moving to china in the spring for six months to study mandarin. I could tighten my connections with my taiji family over there and he could take private clients. It turns out there is a significant demand for western trained therapists amongst the executive expat community. At the moment it looks like his job is setting him up for a very significant promotion and he will have to weigh his choices if that happens. I could always spend every other month in Beijing and have nearly the same experience.

But where is the weird you ask? That was most noticeable during the full moon, as is often the case. On the way out to Vegas we had a drinker as is expected. This guy was in someone else's section, about six two and maybe three twenty. He had eight jack and cokes in a five hour flight which is about the limit even for a guy his size. Towards the end he came out of the lav and offered us a vicadin or a xanex or something. Ok, I was trying to ignore him but it was defitely one of the scrips that is bad bad bad to mix with booze and that we can't take while working regardless. We all politely declined and he went back to his seat where I saw home take his pills twice more in the last thirty minutes of the flight. I wonder if he ended up in the emergency room that night or woke up dead in the morning? I'm just thankful he didn't have a medical emergency on board because I hate medicals and the only thing I imagine we could have one for him would be to get him puking. Idiot. On the way back we had a dude with elphantitis of the testicles headed to NYC to be interviewed on the Howard Stern show. He told the girl at the check in counter they weighed seventy five pounds. I doubt that but he did have a sack of potatoes hanging off the front of him. I rarely feel so awkward that I want to laugh nervously but this did it. You want to be respectful and professional but wow. That's a lot. Just a lot. One of my coworkers will always have the award for the most professional flight attendant in my book because he helped the guy slide a milk crate and pillow under his balls without a hint of awkwardness. Of coarse I teased him the rest of the night that he really knows how to make another man's balls feel good. And that it was him the lifted the dudes balls while the guy got the pillow in place, when it was really the opposite.

Then to cap off my month I had a room mate go crazy town on me the other night. We have been renting a room to a pilot for American Airlines for about two years. In that time I have seen him maybe six times. He got called up for military duty in afganastan but continued to pay rent. He left his bike in our dining room unfortunately and at some point we moved it up to his room. Within days he contacted us to ask why we had entered his room. We then speculated that he must have a motion activated camera in his room. A little crazy, but whatever. So the other day we heard that he was moving out from our landlord who he had contacted directly. That fits his MO. The few times he interacted with anyone he behaved very, very military. That's the only way I can describe it other than to say maybe that he was distant and cold. So about four days ago he asked me a few questions about if I had any official duties in the house that would require me to enter his room. I said not really. And then he told me that he had pictures of me drinking with two girls in his rooms and tampering with his things. He seemed to be implying that I did really bad things like maybe have a threesome in his bed or something. I said I couldn't remember any such visit and maybe if he could show me the pic I might have some context to remember. Well that really set him off and he got really aggressive and came across the room yelling at me that I was a lier and blah blah, blah. I was sitting at the time and basically told him that standing over me aggressively wasn't going to intimidate me and that he should get himself back to the other side of the room where he started. Jesse is a big, black muscular dude and I'm sure that he is used to intimidating people but he backed up even if he didn't shut up. Eventually he left. Now I don't really want to find out if he is also a air force boxing champ but I am not a meek person and I am not going to shy away from a fight if it comes to it. The thing that annoys me about all this is that I have never been anything but polite to this guy and I never denied the possibility of what he said, I just asked to see the pictures to help me remember if I did something dumb when I was drunk. The funny thing is that over the next few weeks I will have to show the room to prospective roommates. So maybe i'll get so find out yet if Jesse can move inside that big muscle suit he carries around.
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